Control4 Halo

With the help of customer responses, Control4 created the new Control4 halo remotes, enhancing the famous Neeo Remote with fresh features and modernized technology. Both remotes have a machined aluminum DPad, backlit buttons for user interface features, and transport controls. Programmable text above bespoke buttons and an ultra-low power processor that prolongs battery life are other improvements.

The two new models come with cutting-edge new features including a push-to-talk voice button along with improved features like lighted buttons, a redesigned graphical user interface, and dual-band WiFi capability.

The Control4 Halo Remotes offer great chances for upselling, and they can even be added to systems by homeowners via a simple new process in the Control4 app. Depending on their needs and client relationships, partners can opt to sell and distribute the Halo and Halo Touch without requiring site visits. Partners may immediately monitor real-time battery life and connectivity data for all Halo Remotes in systems with OvrC remote management to guarantee dependable performance and sustained customer satisfaction.


Simply said, the Halo family represents a leap in generational user experience from the competition.

  • Intelligent remote with scene selection for AV, lighting, comfort, and security as well as device control and media browsing capabilities
  • Complete set of lighted buttons for simple, one-handed use in the dark
  • WiFi 3-5 times stronger than Neeo, and it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • The New Voice button switches between being a Siri Remote for Apple TV and an Xfinity Voice Remote for Xfinity boxes on demand.
  • Longer battery life using an ultra-low power processor
  • If Halo is dormant, pressing a button will awaken him and provide the order.

The new remotes give better responsive audio experiences with a Recently Played feature, enhance TV viewing with Watch with Voice, and offer aesthetically pleasing control for the new Control4 Vibrant Linear Lighting Line and other color-control features and products. Users of the Halo Family of Remotes can also access user-created favorites and other essential smart home features like automations and personalized scenarios.